The task of an artist is not just to create works. This step is the necessary beginning, but not the end. A work of art needs a context and a relationship with someone. This must be built and it is the hard part of the job.

7 hours

Think about the activity you like the most: If you are allowed to spend 7 hours a week on it (not less or more)…would you do it once a week for seven hours or would you spend one hour a day on it?

I think if you do it daily, you stay in touch constantly with what you love. But you go not as deep as in the seven hour run, right?

Whats your pick?


Invest in the products and services you need, but do not cheat on yourself.

What do you really need to do your best work?

Oftentimes it is not too much, but what you need should fulfill its purpose without any (or with really less) problems.

Too much

Often we think of the things we do not have enough of and we would like to have more in our lives.

But from what things do we have too much?

What distracts us, just bothers us, but does not improve us and our lives?

Paintings and music

Music is on the very top for evoking intensive emotions really fast.

How could a painting do the same?

If that is the goal I think the most important think you should focus on color. Color is absorbed in a similar speed and we each color is already associated with different emotions and we can activate them with a well composed color palette.

One moment

Stop every week, month or year for moment. Think and / or write about your life, what happend since the last time you stopped and thought about yourself. What is the status quo and what want you to happen in the near future?

Keep track of your life and keep moving forward.