For a few weeks I think about pausing / closing the blog and today I will do so. I posted daily for over a year and i think I start repeating myself (which means that the information is still true) but I see not so much value in it and I think that their are […]

Video records

I am sure I wrote about this BUT if you are a beginner you should records your process. If you film a painting from start to finish one thing you will recognize the moment(s) when mistakes happen that will kill the painting in the end. Watch out!


Can you make someone a true compliment? Then do it. It costs you nothing and it will make the other person more happy, comfortable and brave enough to give someone else a compliment. Great ROI.

Good enough

If you set high goals and standards for yourself you should commit and concentrade on them. But this means that you have to ignore most of the other areas of life. For the things you can not ignore the level of “good enough” is really valuable. This means that you do not give your life […]


Does it make sense to try something that is unlikely to be successful? It depends on a few parameters, but one thing should be noted: When you learn something along the way, the result often does not matter so much.

Music for painting

Inspiration comes from everywhere, if we are ready and open for it. Listen to some music instrumentals to find a mood that grabs you and then take this mood and catch it in quick and loose sketches. Sketch without thinking, just hear the music and let your intuition take over. Maybe you can create a […]

Do you see a pattern?

We have an infinitive amount of subjects that could inspire us, but usually we pick the same subjects again and again. If you can identify the patterns that lead to your choise you will learn a lot about yourself and your art.


Beauty is a symbol for the better, that good is possible, that it is somewhere out there. It is a symbol for hope. That is why we like beautiful things. And we need them even more when times a uncertain and unstable.

Paying instead of learning

What would you pay for the skill you would like to have the most? You could learn it over time but you will get it immediately for… 100$ 2000$ 60000$ 300000$ Whats your price? And why do you not save the money and learn the skill the old way? Sit down and do it.


I try to add wheels to all my tables, carbinets and easels in my studio so I can move them around and arrange them in a way that fits my actual working process.