About the store

aclaussen.com and claussen.xyz are run by Andreas ‘Andy’ Claussen and his team. 

We operate from Gehrden, Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, 3rd Planet of the Solar System, Milky Way, Universe (we left out further details, you’ll find us.)

You can contact us with any (any!) question to individual artworks, the whole process of buying and shipping, the weather or the next stock market crash via email at 


Or if you want the personal in-depth experience hit Andy up on instagram @andy.claussen


This shop offers studies and prints of Andreas Claussen. If you search for bigger paintings, please read the following question and answer.

The internet gives us the great opportunity to distribute art on our terms. We decide how an artwork is presented, how we communicate with collectors, and how we design our service. If you buy directly from our page, you support our vision of how an artwork will meet a collector in the digital context.

BUT we also work closely with our galleries to present art in real life. We are grateful for the opportunity to have long-time professionals stand next to the artworks and present them with their own words to an audience we would otherwise not reach. That is why most artworks are available exclusively through our partner galleries. If you search for a specific artwork of Andy, please let us know. We will connect you with the partner gallery.

No. If you want to order via email (info@andreasclaussen.de) we are happy to receive your order on these ways.


You can pay via Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or bank transfer. If you prefer another way please let us know.

Yes. All prices include 7% German VAT.

If you live outside the European Union the price will be reduced by 7%.

If you provide a valid VAT number the invoice will be reduced by 7%. Depending on the method of payment you choose, it could be possible that you have to pay the 7% even if you provide a valid VAT number. This is the case for technical reasons. We will refund the 7% after collecting your payment. 


Ha, this one’s easy. We ship anything for free world wide (if you don’t live in a really exotic and remote place).

We will check the delivery time and costs in advance and contact you if the delivery is really hard for us (but we will not let you down South Georgia).

We will give our best to deliver world wide.

After the payment is made we usually need 24-48 hours to get all the information about shipping, prepare the artwork and get the export documents.

We ship from Germany. The shipping time usually increases with the distance to be covered. But some countries have better connections to Germany than others. For example, a package to New York (USA) usually takes 3-5 days.

Yes. We will provide any shipping information we have so that you know when your package will arrive. Usually (and if you want) the shipping service will contact you 1 or 2 days before the delivery to plan it with you.


Please contact info@andreasclaussen.de immediately if you think that the delivery takes too long.

If the transport packaging looks damaged, please tell the delivery person directly on delivery. Please open the package immediately to see if the content is damaged. The delivery person will document any damage on site. If not, please do so and take some photos and send them directly to info@andreasclaussen.de


Buying something is an investment of time, energy and money. So we want our purchases to be great and worth it.

Especially, artworks might look different when holding the original in hand. To make the shopping in our store totally risk-free for you, you can return any purchase within 14 days after delivery. Thus, you have enough time to find the perfect place for it.

Please note that the artwork must reach us in the same condition that you received it from us. Please use the original packaging or similar. 

Also note that you pay for the return shipping costs, taxes  custom duties.

If you want to return a purchase, please let us know, and we will help you to make it as easy as possible.