FLOOD paintings at Galerie an der Zitadelle

The Galerie an der Zitadelle (engl. Gallery at the Citadelle) is presenting my FLOOD paintings. They write:

“The new FLOOD series by Andreas Claussen is here to flood your life with bright colors and good cheer. A wave of hope and warm feelings will overwhelm you when you first see the vibrant blue, pink, and white tones. Despite the increasingly cold weather, it’s impossible not to feel the warmth and humor of Andreas Claussen and his little astronaut.

But then you also feel the loneliness. The inflatable friends are cute and lovable, but in comparison to the vastness of the ocean they are insignificant. That’s just one of the impressive ways that Andreas Claussen has used his medium to talk about global warming and the resulting crisis. The astronaut wanders through a cold, flooded world searching for the last remnants of human society in the endless void – while enjoying the sun.”

We are planning a solo exhibition for 2023. Stayed tuned for more information.