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In a visually flooded and restless world, Andreas Claussen dedicates himself to oil painting, the medium that can stop time like no other. What can be seen on our screens for seconds is turned into timeless art.

Claussen carefully chooses his motifs from thousands of images collected online. He is fascinated by people, their faces and hands, their clothes and the objects they use. A grinning clown with faded make-up, long legs in shiny latex or a soldier from the 2nd World War wearing a respirator are contemporary symbols for Claussen.

He paints these in a wide range of textures, moving fluently between realistic details and complete abstraction. This gives his paintings an aura of transience and the unfinished. They exude nostalgia and yet that “brand new” feeling that we are so longing for.

Claussen’s paintings are a summary of our “status quo” shortly before the next update. Each work is an invitation to think about a world that is constantly moving, growing and changing.

Because I believe that we can learn and grow through our eyes I exhibited and sold my work in the USA and across Europe and will continue to spread it around the globe.