Painter Andreas Claussen gains international recognition with his distinctive painting style. With bold and furious brushstrokes he paints seascapes and torned figures which arise out of an experimental collage process.

My paintings are fed by photos of our historic and current excesses, self generated 3D imagery, the subtle beauty of everyday life and the snapshots on our phones – the daily internet junk.”

Andreas Claussen was born in 1988 in Lower Saxony, Germany. He early developed a strong sense for visual expression through drawing, filming and graphic design.

After graduating from the Leibniz University of Hanover he concentrated fully on his artistic journey by studying the old masters and distilling the best lessons into his unique painting style.

I combine the great achievements of art practice like splashes of abstract expressionism, broken brushwork and impasto of impressionism with the accuracy and truth of realism.

Today he works in his studio in Hanover and has exhibited and sold works in Germany, Spain and the USA.