I am painter Andreas Claussen, born 1988 in Germany. I have a fascination for everything that is complex and huge. After focussing on the sea as my main subject for years I currently deal with the internet.

Since the late 1990 I have been surfing the web and capturing images from forums, youtube, netflix and other media. Most of them show human faces and bodies. These images will be changed and collaged in photoshop, then painted with oil on canvas. I move fluidly between representation and abstraction and create textural and vivid paintings.

Often I paint the same motif several times, but in different ways. This method refers to internet meme culture in which an original photo is repeatedly edited and put in new context every time. This transformation of the source material is incredibly exciting because it shows that nothing in life is fixed and finished, but in constant motion. Especially in uncertain times we need a reminder that change is a normal part of every good life.

Because I believe that we can learn and grow through our eyes I exhibited and sold my work in the USA and across Europe and will continue to spread it around the globe.