There is no bigger freedom than blazing a trail into unknown land. There is no better prize than seeing wide open space disappearing into endless sky. There is no deeper thrill than hearing the thunder of breaking waves.

Andreas Claussen

Andreas Claussen is an oil painter with all his heart.

Inspired by rocky coastlines, dramatic cloud formations and the vastness of the sea he transforms his impressions into vivid canvases with a rich spectrum of textures.

Bold, masterful and personal, his paintings tell of the great adventure of life and nature. Each painting is an exploration. A push forward. Each painting is a journey. An ambitious act. Each painting answers the call to see what’s out there.

Andreas Claussen was born 1988 in Germany where he lives and works. He has exhibited his work in galleries and art fairs in Germany and sold across Europe, South Korea and USA.

Find available works here:

Galerie Weise

Innere Klosterstraße 1

09111 Chemnitz


Galerie an der Zitadelle

Düsseldorfer Straße 12

52428 Jülich


Galerie Kühn

Marktplatz 14

40764 Langenfeld