Andreas Claussen is an oil painter by heart. His mark making is bold and personal. We feel his presence in every work he releases. These are vivid canvases with a rich spectrum of textures.

But Claussen faces a world that is more and more dominated by shiny plastic, polished metal and crystal clear glass.

Our environment becomes smooth like a touchscreen and just as impersonal. We really have forgotten the joy of being a child crawling over grass, sand or wood and experience life through textures. I want to reintroduce that into our lives.

Collectors from South Korea, the USA and across Europe believes in Claussen’s vision and love how he makes each painting a feast for the senses.

He brings the whole dimension of texture to every subject he depicts including his ongoing series of crashing waves or his 2020 portraits of the Joker.

Another distinct element of Claussen’s work is the balance between abstraction and realism. He fluidly moves from carefully rendered to completely abstracted and even unfinished areas. This combination of academic mastery and spontaneous mark making invites the viewer to a diverse world that changes and moves.

Andreas Claussen was born 1988 in Germany where he lives and works. He has exhibited his work in galleries and art fairs in Germany and the USA.