Imagine being alone on a flooded Earth for a long time, and then … you find a dog. A lovely companion on your way who breaks the endless silence with a bark once in a while. Dogs will become a part of my “FLOOD” series in the near future. But before that, I have to study them.

Smaller works like this one are part of my artistic workout, great to stay in shape as a painter. They are also the basis for my large scale artworks and a test ground for exploring new ideas and new directions. Here, I push things forward and create without limitations.

Bold, experimental and affordable, this study is an ideal entry point for collecting my work. They are easy to frame (if wanted) and look great on walls with multiple pieces or alone in cozy corners, lovely staircases and everywhere where space is limited, but sparks of art welcomed.

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Size (cm)

24 x 18 x 0,5 cm

Size (inch)

9,5 x 7,1 x 0,2 cm


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