Can you make someone a true compliment?

Then do it. It costs you nothing and it will make the other person more happy, comfortable and brave enough to give someone else a compliment.

Great ROI.


Does it make sense to try something that is unlikely to be successful?

It depends on a few parameters, but one thing should be noted: When you learn something along the way, the result often does not matter so much.

What not?

When you want to understand an artist, the way they use perspective, color, values, which themes they pick, and so on there is an easy way to it. Ask:

What is he/she NOT doing?


You change your own thinking by asking the opposite. You will get surprising answer especially if you combine this question with a “why?”. The things an artist is avoiding tells you a lot about him.

Free work

It is normal that in the beginning you can not charge the rates you would like to get for the work you do. And if nobody pays you for your work you can work for free or do something else.

If you work for free you can try to get something else from the time you invest.

New contacts, friends and mentors can be found.

Learning is always a great payment.

Happy clients too. They will spread the word and your reputation grows if the work deserves it.


Being first or being best

Being first (meaning completely unique) can be really valuable. But when your competitors arrive to grab some or all pieces of your cake (niche) you have to be the best or at least very good to survive.


Pain is part of human existence.

It has so many faces.

Feeling pain is normal, not special.

We forget that too often.

Thus I make it a part of my paintings