Being first or being best

Being first (meaning completely unique) can be really valuable. But when your competitors arrive to grab some or all pieces of your cake (niche) you have to be the best or at least very good to survive.


Pain is part of human existence.

It has so many faces.

Feeling pain is normal, not special.

We forget that too often.

Thus I make it a part of my paintings


A great sign of trust is when a collector buys an unfinished piece and if he do not ask anything about your plans to finish it.

Enjoy this level of respect for your work.

For you and us

A painting should not show us what you can.

It should show us what we can do (with it).

If a painting is about showing us your muscles, it is for you.

If painting is about our desires, emotions, mood, story, life, if it teaches us something about the world then it is art and … for us.

Time in painting

A film has length, a painting has …?

How can we include time as an element in one painting or in multiple paintings?

A series of paintings can tell a story with more detail or examine a theme from more angles. Think about your paintings as a film and lead the viewer through them.

What is the story line, highlights, dips, the climax?

Give your paintings length, not just scale.

Questions on Instagram II

Got a few more questions on instagram:

Do you work from home or a studio or both and why?

I have a small studio space at home were I do studies and smaller paintings. It is great to have a place nearby that I can reach fast and easy. For larger works and my main painting sessions I have a bigger studio 10 walk minutes away.

Have you ever worked in an area other than art and if so what made you want to change?

With a friend I co-founded a company selling everything we find online. We also do logistics for other online sellers. We still have the company but we are not involved in the daily business.

Over the time I recognized a shift of interest and the realization that I do want to make art as much as possible. And it is not possible by having a non art day job. So I find a slow way of quitting that did not hurt by delegating my tasks to someone else.

Do you have any qualifications (other than art skills) that you feel have helped with your work?


Business skills are crucial when you want to sell something. This goes for artworks too. There is a pipeline from the creation/production of a piece, its presentation, the deal and the shipping. It is great to know about the logistics if you want to sell a piece to a collector from the other part of the world.