Invest in the products and services you need, but do not cheat on yourself.

What do you really need to do your best work?

Oftentimes it is not too much, but what you need should fulfill its purpose without any (or with really less) problems.

Team Building from Scratch

When building a team from scratch, you should really consider which personalities you bring in. You do not have to deal too deeply with psychological issues. However, understanding the basic archetypes is very helpful in predicting potential problems and understanding the needs and desires of your team members.

Painting photos of others

If you use a photograph as a reference that you did not shoot yourself, then you are facing a particular difficulty:
You were not there on your own, you did not notice the atmosphere and real colors, you did not see the object or the scene from different angles.
You only have one photo. No more information. Especially for beginners, it is therefore difficult to interpret the photo correctly.
It helps to paint a lot of life or at least self-made photos. Over time, craftsmanship and creativity can offset the lack of information.


I force myself to leave the easel and look at my current piece from a distance by not placing my paint tubes near the easel. So i have to make some steps to get new paint and I get the chance to my painting with fresh eyes.

In between studies

When you work on a piece for multiple days, weeks, month… it could be a good idea to do in between studies.

I often come across unforeseen problems that can be solved faster in a small study than on the big piece.

The opposite of your favorite

Who is your favorite artist? (Answer know)

If you look at her/his qualities you like the most:

Who has become as well known as your favorite artist with the opposite qualities?

Do you find likable things in this artist too? Can you learn from her/him?

Bringing different things together is often very powerful.

Wasted efforts

Wasted is the wrong word.

I worked on a painting and recognized that I did not plan the composition well enough to finish the painting in an acceptable way. I thought I got 80% done but know I have to change the direction of the piece so I fall back to 40% again.

Not so funny, but I learned something on the way (Plan more careful, Andy!) and the result will be better than it is know. So I just wasted some paint. This is ok.

Wo gehobelt wird, da fallen Späne.


I understand why a structural engineer prefers to calculate rather than just play around a bit (“that will hold, I’m relatively sure”). But art is made for taking risks, testing, experimenting, failing and trying again. It is the place for being bold. So be …