Creative Boom article about “FLOOD”

Check out the Creative Boom article about “FLOOD” my ongoing painting series.

Interviewer and founding editor Katy Cowan asked thought-provoking and deep questions about my latest works, and it was the first time that I talked about “FLOOD” in such detail. This conversation ranges from environmental challenges to optimism. Katy did a wonderful job mixing her own thoughts and observations with quotes from the interview we did.

From the article:

One would assume that Claussen’s protagonist had entirely given up on life, given the nature of some of the artworks. In one painting, Too Prepared, the astronaut is floating helplessly on children’s pool inflatables. In another, Going Down, they hold a lit flare above their head, treading water, surrounded by darkness. It’s as though they’ve wandered far and wide to search for human life but have slowly realised they are very much alone. “The flood represents all the environmental challenges ahead of us,” Claussen explains. “At the same time, it symbolises the fear and uncertainty that flood our minds when we go online and check the news. It’s a humorous and ironic response to a world that often weighs so heavily on our shoulders.”


Again, check out the Creative Boom article about “FLOOD” and learn about my thoughts and motivations for this series.