Why thinking about talent is useless and what you should do instead.

I like practical and professional ways to handle things. Especially if they are not in my control (weather).

This also applies to thoughts or concepts that are often vague or mysterious. One of them is talent. It is really stressful if you want to do something but can’t, and you think the only reason is that you are missing some god given or gene given capability.

It is much more likely that you have not trained enough or in the right way. Training is the only way to learn a complex skill (until we can download them to our brain like Neo in ‘The Matrix’) like drawing or painting. And even the most talented person, will not succeed against the best trained. 

When I read the following passage, all my thoughts and worries about talent were over immediately:

Don’t bother about whether or not you have it. Just assume you do, and please forget about it. – Richard Schmid in Alla Prima II

Hope it does the same for you. Now back to work.