2020 – Joker’s year

The year 2020 was incomprehensible and unpredictable. Many are happy that it is over. Besides all the “normal years” we had before, this year has been special. As if someone had shown the joker card and turned the whole game upside down.

That’s how my year as a painter went. Almost all exhibitions and art fairs were canceled or postponed. Therefore, interrupted my sea painting and used the time for something completely new. I made room for my love for film and made use of its visual material. I was looking for a symbol for that moment in 2020 and started painting bad guys.
Jesse James, Hannibal Lector, Anton Chigurh, Mr. Smith and finally the Joker.

The symbolism of the joker is hard to beat. The fun children’s birthday hero becomes the embodiment of chaos, uncertainty and doubt. At least in the version we know from Batman.

“I’m like a dog chasing cars, I wouldn’t know what to do if I caught one” he says.
The Joker hates plans, relies on minimal preparation and thus becomes unpredictable. If you wanted to pervert Buddhism, the joker would be a prime example, because ultimately he lives the evil variant of “focus on the here and now” and “don’t worry about tomorrow”. We should have little left for someone who just wants to see the world burn. And yet he speaks to something in us. Something deep. Somehow the world has burnt and still does.

But 2020 is over, now it’s our turn again. Where is the water?