Avatar I is the first painting in a series in which I completely replace the human subject with a digital placeholder.

This process is almost identical to uploading a graphic representative (a figure or an icon) online, for example in apps, chats or forums, instead of a real photo of the user. In computing, this graphic is called avatar.

AvatarĀ is the first series in which I implement 3d imagery in my paintings. I start this series with portraits of women and a black background before I move to more complex arrangements.

The challenge of the painting process is to give the avatars a natural human appearance. It is possible to create authentic humanlike 3d characters, but this consumes a lot of time and is not my goal. I want enough information so that I have a good starting point for creating a believable portrait that draws the viewers’ attention and let them ask the same questions they always ask when looking at a human face:

Who are you? What is your story? What do you think and feel? The answers arise out of our own personal history. So maybe we are looking at our own avatar here

Avatar I – oil on canvas (detail)