Free work

It is normal that in the beginning you can not charge the rates you would like to get for the work you do. And if nobody pays you for your work you can work for free or do something else.

If you work for free you can try to get something else from the time you invest.

New contacts, friends and mentors can be found.

Learning is always a great payment.

Happy clients too. They will spread the word and your reputation grows if the work deserves it.


Lost a piece II

The work mentioned yesterday is better than expected, but still much worse than hoped. I’ll need to paint some parts completely new to save it.

Whether the revision is worthwhile, I know only afterwards. It would probably be quicker to paint the whole thing again, but I still want to use the opportunity to correct this critical error.

Error correction is an important skill because they can occur at any time.

And they do.

Lost a piece

A few minutes ago i splashed on a big seascape painting in a terrible way. The colors of the splashes got too grey and dark.

I hope i can fix this tomorrow when I see it with fresh eyes. But I think I lost it.

But here is the lessons: I will do more testing the next time 🙂

Old tools

When is the time to let an old tool go?

When we never need it again?

When it can’t be used anymore for what it was once made for?

When we are not able to find another use for it?

Best example are brushes. I like them as they get older. Even when they do not create the soft marks from the beginning of their brush life they have more character know. They do not become worse or useless, they become older and we have to think about hownwe can ise them know.

Bad repetition

If we do things really often (to repeat something) we usually get better and better doing this. But what if the thing you repeat is wrong?

If you draw the wrong nose over and over again, you become really good at drawing wrong noses.

This could be part of your style but then you have to it consciously.

Track good ideas

If you habe a good idea you should try to track where it came from.

Take some notes.

What did you do?

What did you see or think?

What triggered your thoughts?

It is great to have a pattern or process that generates ideas.