Daily habits 2

Make sure your daily habits help you to move forward. Some daily habits make you pause and regenerate (that’s good) but others can distract you, pull you down or infect you woth bad thoughts.

In general: Be clear about what you are doing and why. Look at the big picture and evalute the value of your habits.

Daily habits

I like daily habits. Even if some are small ones it is efficient to do things on daily basis because you do not need a long “warmup”. You have your rhythms und find in fast.



A work of art needs a context to exist in. Without a context it is just another thing we wonder about what it is about. If confusion is your goal (and this could be good reason to make art) don‘t give it a context.


Don’t worry about mistakes too much.

You can’t erase them (usually).

Learn to do the best in the situation you find yourself.

Pain Tolerance

Some skills are really hard to learn. Sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes painful.

Repeat the steps you struggle with often in short period of time. So you learn them fast. And the painful period is not longer then necessary.

Time frame

How much time do you invest in a task?

Usually we invest more time for important tasks and less for others.

It is good to have a clear time frame for each task depending on its importance so you don’t waste time on things that don’t matter much for your goals.


“I will be there soon” means 5 minutes for X and 3 hours for Y.

If we want to communicate something that is important for us to others we should consider the possible ways to understand the message.

Each recipient has his own horizon.

8 steps

When painting big pieces it is really easy to get lost in some small part of the painting.

Stepping away from it is like zooming out in google maps. You get a better view on the whole.

I take 8 big steps every view minutes. This is the longest distance I can walk in my studio.

Search for Reference

Sometimes it is hard to move from one step of the process to next one.

That is true for me, especially when searching for reference. I can search forever. I have endless energy for research.

But research is just the start for a piece.

What helps me is to set clear time limits for the reference search.

“Bing!” time to stop searching and move to doing.