Wasted efforts

Wasted is the wrong word.

I worked on a painting and recognized that I did not plan the composition well enough to finish the painting in an acceptable way. I thought I got 80% done but know I have to change the direction of the piece so I fall back to 40% again.

Not so funny, but I learned something on the way (Plan more careful, Andy!) and the result will be better than it is know. So I just wasted some paint. This is ok.

Wo gehobelt wird, da fallen Späne.


I understand why a structural engineer prefers to calculate rather than just play around a bit (“that will hold, I’m relatively sure”). But art is made for taking risks, testing, experimenting, failing and trying again. It is the place for being bold. So be …


Today I got message for someone who wanted to thank me for inspiring her. She felt confident to start a new painting because she saw my work.

What a great thought: Paintings spark new paintings.

Abstract Design II

You can do this with every image / photo / film.

The result is an abstract design that shows the balance of light and dark values and thus how the mood and emotion of the piece is created.

You can reverse this process by starting you project with an abstract design that focus on emotion and mood and then you add as many values, colors and details as you like.

Next steps

I spent a few weeks planning my new series. I would like to bring in newly acquired skills and process a broader range of motifs. At the same time I want to build on my previous work. Therefore, I have checked which properties of my work are allowed to be in the next round and which are replaced. This is not an easy process because I had to let go some things that I was happy with. To push my art to the next level i have to risk what I have and maybe I get what I hope to get.