I got some questions from Jodie on instagram:

What medias do you use and which is your personal favourite?

I use ballpoint pen, ink pen and pencil for my daily sketchbook studies. But oil paint is my favorite medium. Its tradition in the visual arts and its consistence ( the way you can manipulate and layer it ) are so appealing.

What techniques do you use and which is your favourite?

I understand techniques and styles fast and I experiment and mix them often. Most of the time I paint in the impressionist way (alla prima, thick layers of paint, broken color).

What are your favourite colours to use?

Titanium white, Ivory black, yellow ochre and cadmium red or ultramarine blue are two wonderful simple palettes which i use often.

What are your favourite surface textures to use if you use any?

Uneven rough textures or mid grain textures.

What things would you say influence you most?

More than I like, the great painters of the past inspire me. What they gave me is more than I asked for. It is incredible what they created without all this fancy stuff we have today.

And finally what made you choose a career in art?

I asked myself: What would I do if I have not to earn money?

I never had the feeling that I lose time and energy when painting. It feels like that it is worth the effort. It was one of the most important things in my life even before I chose it as a career. It think that art chose me.