There are two things that are important in learning to create representational art:

1. THE FOUNDATION or foundational skills

The foundational skills are so called because they form the foundation of what we do. We build on them. It does not matter which house we put on top of the foundation but how stable it is. Foundational skills are:

If we can control those and we can rely heavily on them, we have formed a strong starting point for our art.

2. THE HOUSE or medium specific skills

If we control the foundational skills we can worry about the house we want to live in (or the specific skills of our chosen medium). Each medium shares the same fundamentals. That is why we learn the second medium faster, after we learned the first one. The fundamentals (drawing, edges, value, color) are in place, so we just need to understand what is difference between medium A (for example oils) and medium B (for example watercolors).

This is an efficient way to learn and it makes a lot of fun experimenting with different media while the fundamentals stay nice.