There are a few things we can do if we fear the judgement of others about our art:

– Do not release it. No release, no judgement, no fear. That is easy.

– Do not release artworks that are totally fresh. We tend to like our latest work the most, especially when we tried something new. If the work gets older and the excitement decreases, our own opinion of the piece might change. We allow it to have some weaknesses because meanwhile we produced work that we like more. We are more critical and allow others to be as well. So release later.

– Release but prepare for the worst case. Practicing worst case scenarios is a great idea. What is the worst critique we can get? Let’s think about it and write down the critique. If someone say it, we are prepared. If not, we feel relieved and can handle the other things they say with more openness.

In generell it is also a good idea to think about the critic, his qualification and why we should care about his opinion.