ocean study
oil on board

On the way to our own works we encounter a number of hurdles. We will meet some again and again and they will challenge us every time.

This includes resistance in all its forms. Reasons why we are not creative today, such as the weather, missing materials, little time, general stress, or no motivation to just start working, will keep coming up.

We should accept this and develop strategies that will help us in such times and allow us to write the first sentence or draw the first lines on the white sheet. “Just start and the ends take care of themselves” is an advice that helped me.

Some hurdles require a long run-up. The appropriation of fundamental techniques or the accumulation of knowledge for example. But once these are internalized and accessed on a regular basis, they remain our lifelong companions and helpers.

We should think about what we want to learn and find out what is at the core of this skill. That should be the starting point from which we jump over the next hurdle.