- Sketchbook 2
Egon Schiele

Since 2013 i draw in a sketchbook every day without an exception. It is my most important daily ritual that sustains and builds up my eye-brain-hand-connection. I do all kinds of experiments in them: Sketches, longer drawings, paintings, collages or other mixed media work.

If you would flip through my sketchbooks you would find all kinds of different master studies. They are an essential part of my training and I do them regularly. Here are six master studies from the sketchbook I finished yesterday (original size A5). Hope you enjoy. - Sketchbook 1
Rembrandt and Nicolai Fechin - Sketchbook 3
William Turner - Sketchbook 4
Frederick Judd Waugh - Sketchbook 5
Frederick Judd Waugh - Sketchbook 6