John Singer Sargent - An Artist in his Studio
John Singer Sargent – An Artist in his Studio

Rolling out of the bed and standing (or lying) in front of the easel is not such a bad idea. It means that their are no obstacles on the way to the activity we love.


This is the way I personally like to organize my process:

1. Distance

I live 6 km or 3,7 miles away from my studio where I do my main work. This is already a pretty fast ride with a car and bike but I want to reduce this route to a walk distance of 1 or 2 km in the near future. If I go to work a day more often in the quarter, then it was worth the move. 


2. Preparation (Cleaning)

Another thing I’ve gotten used to (without raging about it) is cleaning all the brushes, tools and palette used in the last session. So painting does not start with a cleaning session and kills the momentum that I built up on my way to work. 


3. In reach

Also all paint tubes and tools are within reach. Standing in front of the easel I don’t have to do one step to get the stuff I need. Also I have enough drinking water in place.


Personally I think that the creative process is fragile and should be handled with care. Everything what could possibly prevent or delay that I start or continue to work has to get out of the way.