- Birches II
Birches II – Mixed Media

Early in 2017 I started BIRCHES which is my first series of related works. It extended my horizon beyond traditional painting and drawing techniques. The beginning was a complete accident and I didn’t intend to create such abstract works.

I often do small paintings in my sketchbooks and therefore I prepare the page with a frame of masking tape. When I finish a piece I pull off the tape and enjoy a beautiful sharp edge around my work. I reuse the tape a few times for several works and they will pick up more and more sparks of color.

One day I intuitively glued these stripes on a board. The board filled pretty quickly with a nice lineup of colorful stripes which my wife immediately called birches. I keeped doing and created a whole series out of this process.

The most important thing I got out of BIRCHES is the joy to experiment with different media and techniques. It was the starting point for a new way thinking and an ongoing search for different ways a contemporary painter can work.