Arthur Melville - Tangier (detail)

What did you see when you saw the picture above? Some abstract splashes of watercolour?


They are, but they are organist in way that they will become more when we step away and see the whole painting.

Arthur Melville – Tangier

Arthur Melville is the painter of this delicate market scene in Tangier in 1893.

Done in watercolour he painted a very complex scene with really simple shapes and dots of paint. He does what all great artists do in their work: Invite the viewer.

Melville did not paint all the faces and details he saw, he suggested them by painting a few clearly human and architectural shapes that teach the viewer:

“Look, this shape is a human and this one too. Can you guess what this shape is?”

The viewer will construct the piece and will understand it. And thats a great feeling for the communicator and the recipient.

I will post more examples of artists using the power of suggestion.